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  • About us

    Our clinic is situated in modern offices in the heart of Larvik city center, well connected with public transportation.

    • Experienced doctors

      We are a team of four experienced doctors of both genders and one intern working full-time at the clinic. Our team also includes four caring and experienced secretaries.

    • Great customer service

      We strive for offering our patients optimal customer service at all times. We want to be readily available and aim to make consultations at our clinic a pleasant experience for the patient.

    • Care for the patient

      The most important to us, is that our patients live a healthy and long life. If you are acutely ill, we guarantee you immediate priority and our full attention.

    Do you want one of our doctors as your general practitioner?

    Some of our doctors are available for new patients. You can easily change your general practitioner by clicking the link below.

    Change general practitioner
    • Visiting address

      Torget Medisinske Senter

      Torget 1, 3256 Larvik

    • Phone number

      33 13 91 60

      (Open 09.00-11.00 & 12.30-13.30)

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